The Art of the Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival

Art is many things to many people. Ultimately it is about creating a visual, auditory or performing
artifact which expresses the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their
beauty or emotional power. The oldest documented forms of art are visual arts – Helper is home to a
multitude of visual artists, predominately oil painters but also sculptors, ceramicists, and more. The
expression of art is captured by the artists but interpreted by the viewer. It is that bond between
creator and viewer that propels the art engagement.

In the case of the Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival one key goal is to showcase quality art forms. This
includes performance art, photography, pottery, glass, fabric art and more. This is accomplished by
using a jury system to review and extend offers to artists to attend the yearly Festival in August. This
process levels the field in reviewing like genres of art together. While art may not be perceived as
necessary, we believe its’ importance is critical to creating well-rounded communities. Communities
which embrace the arts can re-invent and create themselves in ways others may struggle. Art gives
voice to the community and here in Helper it is a voice which is strong and clear, especially during the
annual Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival. Join us and experience our historic Main Street, live music
on stage, film and other performing arts the third weekend in August. Artistic. Recreational. Historic.
Discover Helper.